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  We enjoy sharing our Italy experience with our Guests, the same they do with us

Your Bucket List Isn’t Complete without These
Five Experiences in Toscana-Umbria-Italy
The best adventures – the ones that stay with us for years – are immersive.
They engage all our senses, inspire us to see the world in a new light and introduce new cultures and customs.A vacation in Toscana - Umbria - Italy , shouldn’t be about posing for photos in front of monuments.
To get the most from these experiences,you need to uncover hidden treasures
and details that you won’t find in a guidebook.

Italy-vacation.com, a leader in experiential travel, gives you a taste of what it’s like to be a local.
Our local experienced tour leaders, many of whom hold academic degrees, agri farmers , chefs .
allowing them to dig deeper into the art, history and culture of the region.
Ready to add some new experiences to your bucket list?
Soak Up the Italian Countryside, Culture & Art so you can feel your Italian-Vacation Inspired your life.

Country Roads …Will take you Home . engage with locals especially in the House you are a host .
Connect with the owners and learn about food and wine they are used to .
discover charming towns on foot or bicycle and visit vineyards and farms to sample their best .
Chef Dario in Penzano Toscana …( If there is a heaven... ) ask for the Bistecca alla Fiorentina.
Remember to give him regards from Aizenman Moshe .
get Agriturismo farmhouse , B&B ,
Villas & Castles for your holiday .
Our best experience & knowledge in Italy will be shared with you and your beloved .
All our offers are based on personal impression only . Toscana ,Umbria, Napoli & Amalfi , Garda
here in
Aizenman's Special you can find our top best of them
Now that you’ve got five more extraordinary places and experiences for your bucket list,
what are you waiting for? Call Us at tel. +972-4-9898188 fax +396 80 85 749 or Email: web@italy-vacation.com

                                    Italy Vacation, Thanks for being  our Guest Italy Vacation, Thanks for being  our Guest. Arrivederci Italy Vacation .  Aizenman Thanks you for being  our Guest .    Arrivederci
                                                         Italy Vacation .  Aizenman Thanks you for being  our Guest .    Arrivederci


Hi Aizenman,
I was thrilled with the apartment. Thye keyholder, Segnora Fortunata,
was very kind and very helpful.
The apartment was lovely, and I enjoyed being part of the community,
rather than staying in a hotel.
It was quiet and set apart - the views from the terrace were spectacular.
I am attaching some photos for you - enjoy!
Thanks for everything,
Aizenman! I hope I can do it again one day.
Regards,       ...California   02.08 
I was thrilled with the apartment. Thye keyholder, Segnora Fortunata,
click for more Pics
On Youtube Toscana , Umbria & Garda

Piamenta Family Our lovely Guests 09.09 enjoyed their vacation very much .shared with us the Festivals in Arezzo & Sansepolcro both most recommendedArezzo Festival The third Sunday of June and on the first Sunday of SeptemberSansepolcro Festival , also called Balestrieri di Sansepolcro & Palio della Balestra .2nd Sunday of September against Gubbio


Aizenman ,

I must finally write to you to tell you that our Tuscany trip was absolutely wonderful and it was largely in part to the beauty and solitude of La Moraia.
Thank you for connecting us with such a beautiful cottage.
We hope to return to Tuscany again soon, and when we are planning the trip I will contact you for help again.

Thank you.
All our best, Ryan and Shelly Mills


Dear Moshe, we had a great vacation and really enjoyd the house’s. We had some problems to find the way from the first house to the second. We follwd road 73 because we misunderstand the direction. Another problem was that everyone only speak italian so if we wondered about something it was hard to understand and to be understod. All in all we are very satisfied.

Moshe, We are back from an excellent vacation in Italy, where the Tuscany was its main portion. The house/unit we had in L’ottavo was great, especially due to the fact that the owners gave us a bigger unit than the one they were saving for us Nevertheless, it was a newly re-built unit with all the required facilities in, and everything else we needed was immediately arranged for us – all with a smile and willingness to assist you. I must admit that I was quite skeptical about this entire arrangement, the house, etc. but I’m glad to say that all that you promised about the house was true. Thank you very much for your assistance, and till we meet again…. Regards, Weiler Y.

I want to send my thanks to you as we had the best vacation ever. As a family, it is a unique vacation and I have attached 2 pictures to remind you the relaxing place
Thanks, S_ O_ 30.8

click >>> to look also into our Facebook Wedding in Toscana e Umbria

kindness and professional guidance for our trip to Tuscany . again , many thanks promise to be back . Hila F .

Don and Linda wrote: Hi Stefan,
Nice to hear from you. We personally met Moshe after first meeting on the Internet. We wrote about him and his wife in a travelogue which is posted on web site at http://www.thetravelzine.com/fall99israel4.htm. We are happy to tell you that we would have the confidence to rent through Moshe as we found him to be an honest and hard-working gentleman. Hope that helps you in your planning Happy travels!
Kindest regards,
Don and Linda http://www.thetravelzine.com

















Italy vacation – Thanks of our guests , Festival info for Toscana Tuscany & Umbria , Garda

Recommended  in Garda  area

  • – Mantua, pearl of Renaissance.
  • – Verona, the Shakespearian city of Romeo and Juliet with its magnificent Roman Arena.
  • – The medieval heart of Brescia, the city of the Longobards.
  • – The Roman villa and the Spa in the village of Sirmione, sung by the Latin poet Catullus.
  • – The roman villa of Desenzano and its mosaics.
  • – Gardaland, Canevaworld, some of the most famous amusement parks in Italy.
  • – The mystery fascination of the “Vittoriale degli Italiani”, the residence of Gabriele D’Annunzio in Gardone Riviera.
  • – The harmony of the view of the vineyards in the area of Lugana, where the famous wine is produced.
  • – The park of the river Mincius recalled by the Latin poet Virgiulius and its cycle path.
  • – The medieval villages of Castellaro Lagusello and Borghetto of Valeggio sul Mincio.


The Meiron Family 08.01   2 families , they act like Pro’s and make an unforgettable trip to Italy , including the south , Abruzzo and Tuscany
Dear Moshe, Thank you for all the assistance. We had a great trip. We visited much more places that we planned, all places we visited were great. As promised, here are some 20 pictures . It was taken from three main scenes in the video tape. Other pictures from these scenes can be derived as well, if you wish. Please let me know when it is on your web site, so I can forward it also to my friends.
many thanks again and arrivederci Meiron Family Regev works ! Many thanks


italy Vacation    italy Vacation



italy Vacation

Eyal ,  Thanks Aizenman – Italy vacation
for escorting  their  quality vacation to Toscana and Umbria



Toscana & Umbria by – Fleischer Wine expert & photographer 

While I was searching through Google before my trip to Toscana & Umbria,
I came across this great website : http://www.Italy-vacation.com
We emailed the company and surprisingly a very nice person named Aizenman responded.
It turns out that this man is like a walking encyclopedia of Italy.
Of course, it is his job to know about the general information on his website,
but the amount and quality of information that he offered to us was over and above our expectations.
He was able to give us the particulars that we needed in areas of personal interest such as wine, art, and scenery.
Thanks to Aizenman’s recommendation, we arrived to Sibilini Park, after the festival in Terni .
it was one of the most beautiful places we have ever been.
We rented our first vacation home through him and ended up in Casolare Salssinger.
The owner of the house was Mr. Salssinger who has lived here for 8 years.
The house is located in the center of Valnerina Valley and the property was completely new designed in Italian-style architecture.
He greeted us so gracefully and we will definitely come back to visit him.
From there we continued to another house that we also rented through Italy-Vacation
in Badicorte, north of Lake Trasimeno in Tuscany.
There are no words to explain how amazing the place was,
there were such breath-taking views and we were very generously taken care of by Mr. Lucciano, the owner of this home.
I greatly recommend that you visit their website and take a look at the house named Az. Il Querciolli.
We spoke to other tourists from Germany, United States, and realized that the price we paid was 30% less than everyone else.
I have no doubt that Aizenman – Italy-Vacation will eventually,
take part in planning the 17th trip to our favorite country, Italy.

Part of our trip can be seen in YouTube, Enjoy Toscana
Fleischer Wine expert & photographer