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Our most recommended properties…

After your stay in your Tuscany house we can suggest:
week in an Agriturismo House based near Lago Di Garda to enjoy the lakes , Dolomites & Venice
or a week in the south – Napoli  Amalfi Area .
You can also continue on a Motorhome Vacation which is an extraordinary kind of Vacation.
in Rent A Car section you can find the best offer !  net price for our guests .
Pls. check the Recommended page for more info regarding Festivals , Maps , etc.
Whatever you prefer ,  we are here to share our experience and knowledge with you.
More then that , we are available usually 24/h for any Q also when you are on your vacation .

Italy Vacation, Thanks for being  our Guest Italy Vacation, Thanks for being  our Guest. Arrivederci Italy Vacation .  Aizenman Thanks you for being  our Guest .    Arrivederci Italy Vacation .  Aizenman Thanks you for being  our Guest .    Arrivederci

Vacation houses present our houses in Four areas :

pls. check with us for a diff. day to start your Vacation

north Italy garda e venice

Northern Italy, Liguria, Val D'Aosta,Piemonte, Lombardia,Veneto .
Lago di Garda, or Lake Garda 
is the largest lake in Italy

Tuscany & Umbria

Tuscany & Umbria attracts the intellectually traveler who wants to learn the “how” and “why” behind . Tuscan countryside and Umbria nature are amazing

Napoli & Amalfi

Naples area is a dream target to many travelers
Amalfi Coast ,Pompeii ,Capri, are just few diamonds
kitchen, also in the houses we offer

Exclusives & Luxury

Full Luxury & unique Houses for your vacation. Chosen from different Italian Reagans
also Firenze ,capri , Sorrento,Sicily, Lombardi